Lurujarri Dreaming was recently selected for the Down Under Berlin Film Festival, the Costa Rica International Film Festival 2013, and won the BEST INDIGENOUS FILM award at the Heart of Gold International Film Festival 2013. 

You will also be able to see it on free to air TV - NITV/SBS later this year in November. It will be available via SBS catch-up service online if you miss it, and also on remote community television stations such as Goolari.

In November, DVD's of Lurujarri Dreaming will be available for sale online.

We are currently developing the educational outcome that will accompany the film. This is a big project and we are also seeking funding for this aspect which will include an interactive website and study guide linked to the Australian National Curriculum.


Woodside Petroleum pulled out of the proposal to process LNG at Walmadany in April this year, which has been a massive relief for the Goolarabooloo and other people in the Broome community.Unfortunately the fight continues to save this land, it's Songlines and the Lurujarri Heritage Trail, as WA Premier Colin Barnett is continuing his push to compulsorily aquire the land. He is intent on building a port  as part of his plan to industrialize the Kimbereley and in his own words, tranform Broome into 'the next Dubai'. 

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